Workshop: Indische Musik 1. Teil

Freitag, 03.09.2021, um 15 Uhr - 17 Uhr

Workshop on Indian Music

The aim of this 2 day workshop is to acquaint the participants with the Indian ways of improvising and give an aesthetical insight of the mood/emotion attached with the different Ragas (Modes) while using different Rhythmic Patterns practiced in Indian music. 

A Raga is a pattern of notes played with characteristic intervals, rhythms and embellishments used to define a certain framework in the Ascent and descent of the Octave, with special emphasis on certain notes or phrases to define a particular emotion/mood. Many different Ragas can originate from one Scale/Mode. There are more than 500 different Ragas, each having a particular emotion different from the other. Indian rhythmic patterns are complex because of the use of calculations and are used in different Genres of music today. Each beat can be subdivided into many micro beats and used in improvisation of the Ragas. Polyrhythmic plays are much used to make improvisation more interesting and challenging.

1st Day Melodic orientation:

1). Getting oriented with Indian Music:

     a) Differentiating between Scale, Mode and Raga
     b) Putting down all the modes Western vs Indian
     c) Listening to a Short Piece and open the following topics for discussion:

        o The Movement of the Raga
        o Special recurring Phrases/Catch phrases
        o Registering the Halt Notes according to importance o Notes used/omitted in Ascent and Descent

2). Discussing the idiomatic differences and establishing the Parameters of Comparison, Indian vs western music under the following points:

    o What skills does a Master exhibit
    o How is Surprise,
    o Tension and Release used
    o Emotional significance of melodic phrases
    o Listening to one common mode (e.g Raga and it’s treatment)

3). Listening to a short piece from another Raga (uncommon)

    a) Learning the Raga through a simple Composition
        o The Movement of the Raga
        o Special recurring Phrases/Catch phrases
        o Registering the Halt Notes according to importance
        o Notes used/omitted in Ascent and Descent

Freitag, 03.09.2021, 15 - 17 Uhr, Preis: 25 Euro

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Hindol Deb – Sitar und Komposition. Er erforscht die unendlichen Kombinationen im Crossover der indischen Musik mit verschiedenen anderen Genres, unterrichtet an der Pop Akademie Mannheim und leitet Sitar Lektionen der klassischen indischen Musik. 



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